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When Kessel Smiles Like That…


It’s just beautiful.


“Yeah, we felt great as a unit. It’s almost like we were excited to see each other again and the three of us played well all night.”

Aaron Ward:

“Phil’s his usual waterbug self. I’m sure if you ask him it wasn’t all there but it’s tough to see it in his game.”

We’re all glad to have Phil back, I’m sure. Irrespective of his ‘Matrix Speed’, there’s something about that smile that stops time.




Bruins Habs Rivalry Saga Continues


Only a day has gone by and already I’ve heard various complaints from habs fans about the Kostitsyn major, and how it “lost them the game”.


Kostitsyn administers a dirty hit from behind on Ward, Ward leaves the game, and is still not fully recovered. He’ll be out for at least a week.

These are the hits of a coward, and should be punished accordingly.

In addition to the deserved penalty came the wrath and retaliation of Tim Thomas, which even Coach Julien could not condemn. Timmy’s reaction–knocking K over after seeing hit teammate down on the ice–“just shows solidarity”, Julien insists.

This was perhaps the fastest-paced game I’ve seen this season. There was , quite literally, not one dull moment. Both teams wanted the win so badly that emotions ran wild.

Exciting games aren’t usually scoreless first period, with only a total of 3 goals into the last 2 minutes of play. But the Bruins signed the deal with their 3rd goal late in the 3rd, thanks to Michael Ryder’s patience and skill, which allowed him to deliver a second shot on net through Krejci. Young gun Wheeler also got an assist on the goal.

And of course, Chara matched his all-time career high of 2 goals in one game, and was said to have set the tone for the entire game, thanks to his entertaining, though cleat, hits, which started early on.

Thomas put on a performance worthy of a standing ovation. Again.


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