Bruins Habs Rivalry Saga Continues


Only a day has gone by and already I’ve heard various complaints from habs fans about the Kostitsyn major, and how it “lost them the game”.


Kostitsyn administers a dirty hit from behind on Ward, Ward leaves the game, and is still not fully recovered. He’ll be out for at least a week.

These are the hits of a coward, and should be punished accordingly.

In addition to the deserved penalty came the wrath and retaliation of Tim Thomas, which even Coach Julien could not condemn. Timmy’s reaction–knocking K over after seeing hit teammate down on the ice–“just shows solidarity”, Julien insists.

This was perhaps the fastest-paced game I’ve seen this season. There was , quite literally, not one dull moment. Both teams wanted the win so badly that emotions ran wild.

Exciting games aren’t usually scoreless first period, with only a total of 3 goals into the last 2 minutes of play. But the Bruins signed the deal with their 3rd goal late in the 3rd, thanks to Michael Ryder’s patience and skill, which allowed him to deliver a second shot on net through Krejci. Young gun Wheeler also got an assist on the goal.

And of course, Chara matched his all-time career high of 2 goals in one game, and was said to have set the tone for the entire game, thanks to his entertaining, though cleat, hits, which started early on.

Thomas put on a performance worthy of a standing ovation. Again.



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