The Kaberle Lie: Is Hockey News a Joke?

Kaberle LieKaberle Lie

Very strange indeed. NESN and the Boston Herald both reported that the Bruins offered their first- and third-round picks in the upcoming NHL entry draft, as well top prospect Joe Colborne. But Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke says that’s false. A fabrication. A lie.

“Burke told TSN that there has been no such offer.”

“It’s not true, a total fabrication,” Burke told TSN.  “I sat with (Boston GM) Peter Chiarelli for the first period of Saturday’s game in Boston and we never discussed Tomas Kaberle. We hadn’t spoken about Kaberle before that and we most certainly haven’t since then. There is no truth to it at all. None.”

This kind of discrepancy serves not only as an embarrassment, but a discouragement: Why even follow the news when lies are being told? Maybe NESN & the Boston Herald are telling the truth; maybe Burke is. But this is all a little too reminiscent of high school.

I know this isn’t the BBC, and a sportscaster isn’t quite the same thing as a journalist, but are they simply making things up? Reporting rumors as facts? Rumors that were overheard at the bar at 2am?

When we read the news, whether it be hockey news or world news, we shouldn’t be wasting our time trying to weed out the absurd from the possibly true.

No, hockey news isn’t top-notch journalism, but is it a mere ‘joke’ not even worthy of a fanatic’s free time?




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