Transcending Bruin Politics

Bruins 5, Senators 3

Ward Jets Out of the Penalty Box & Scores

For a moment, forget the technical beauty of the plays tonight. When a technically complex series of actions is carried-out proficiently while appearing graceful and easy: That’s art. Here are the works in the exhibit.

  • P.J. Axelsson follows suit and does the same thing. Beautiful choreography. These two should be appreciated together for full effect.
  • Phil Kessel brings class to scoring an empty-netter. It actually seemed unreal. One moment he was on one end of the ice, off camera, and the next, he had the puck on the other end, like a bullet from the Matrix, slowing down time. Wow.

  • And of course, our usual hero…

Tim Thomas

Now on any given night, any one of these could easily have been the highlight of the game, bringing us to our feet. But tonight, we were overloaded with excellence. At times like these, the politics of league standings–of being back in first place–seem utterly trivial and irrelevant.



Posted on March 12, 2009, in Analysis and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Seriously, Tim Thomas is the main reason I watch the Bruins. He can make saves look easy. Hopefully, his GAA didn’t drop too much after the Pens game.

  2. Timmy’s the ninja. And today, he was the *angry* ninja against Pittsburgh. Seriously, how many bad penalties were called?

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