“True Bruins fans stick together.”

Is this absurd? I saw it in a discussion thread on Boston.com.

If you ask me, it’s a whole lot less absurd than clanning together as a people of a common faith in a supernatural deity. Gods are all-knowing, all-powerful and all-good. These 3 concepts are all completely alien to us, as human beings. And yet some will claim to grasp what they’re all about. Those people go to church and contribute money to an institution that has been author to the worst atrocities in the history of humankind.

Bruins fans, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy watching an organization assemble a unified team whose purpose is to inspire, to fight, and to find victory. There is no evil in that, and there are no alien concepts involved. Only human concepts.


Passion: A human attribute that gives us the will to live, as well as the will to become better than we are.

Competition: The act resulting from having found our own greatness in some area; using our valued abilities to solve puzzles through strategy and great effort.

Effort: A term describing the performance of any action that isn’t entirely passive; what sets apart a conscious human from someone who’s medically brain-dead; that which is exercised when we put will into action.

Rivalry: The exemplification of two strong wills or desires that originate from opposing parties who come together to compete for the same reward, and who hunger to compete with one another on the basis of conflicting or clashing identities; this hunger also feeds the desire to become better at what we do, thus continually raising the bar of competition, and the standards for greatness.

Loss: After causing some degree of decline in motivation, that which ignites, as an opposite reaction to that decline, both motivation and  strength whose degree and quantity will be greater than what we started with.

Slump: A trend resulting from a sequence of at least 2 losses; slumps either kill us or make us harder to kill, due to the evolutionary process of adaptation; the longer the slump, the greater the counter-reaction of ignition (see loss, above).

Adaptation: Learning to master the obstacles in one’s environment that lead to loss; adaptation almost always results from a long sequence of errors, slumps or losses that do not kill us.

Victory: The unavoidable result of having endured all the above processes, given the presence of passion.

That’s B-ligion.


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