Bruin News from Montreal

According to Habs fans, here at home, Montreal would wish above all to be matched up with Boston in the first round. I share that wish, because I feel that reality is more important than wishful thinking. And the present is more important than the past.

The Bruins took the Canadiens to game 7 last year, as we all know. Last playoffs, these two were both very different teams: Montreal was better and the Bruins were worse. Today, Montreal has trouble making passes, let alone plays, and rely on half a goaltender (if you put Halak and Price together). The Bruins ‘clinched the Eastern Conference’ while Montreal celebrates emphatically after a 3-2 victory against the Tampa Bay Lightning in overtime.

Things are bad for the Habs– so bad that fans everywhere in the city celebrated the overtime win against the Lightening tonight as though it had been a playoff game. It is charitable to call this type of behavior ‘delusional’, at best.

So please, bring it on. We should be so lucky as to have this first round match-up with the Habitants. They’re good luck (Shawn Thornton scored his first goal of the season against Price this season; maybe we will get a few more of those).

On the other hand, perhaps more of a challenge would be better inspiration for our Bruins in the playoffs. As we know, these boys run on challenge, and challenge is just what was lost after all those wins that preceded their recent slump. During that decline, the Bruins masacred the better teams and sort of ‘zoned out’ against the mediocre ones.

But the last playoffs are more than a subtle indication of the boys’ competitive edge.

All they need is a challenge. It would feel good to eliminate Montreal, but maybe we’ll do this before the end of the regular season. The playoffs are for winning teams.


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