Nothing Hotter than a Pissed-Off 6-Million Dollar Goalie


Losing your cool over small to moderate controversies is just embarrassing. Losing your cool when it counts? Hot. Losing your cool when and only when it counts? Tim Thomas.


Losing your cool with that new/old Ranger who suffers from Small-Man-Syndrome? Normal. But watching small man pull his high school tricks shouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is; or should it? It may very well be as enjoyable as it is because one just knows that a real payback is coming, and that it’s going to be good. Perhaps even final..

In any case, congratulations goes out to Timmy, who is getting but a dime for every ounce of sweat he’s produced for our Bruins, and a little more for every win that’s attributable mainly to him. There have been many of those.


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