Bruins Habs April 9 2009

lucickomiAnalysis by BruinsUnite

Timmy was bored tonight because most of the action was at the other end of the ice. He called this one of the longest and most difficult games he ever played and alluded that it was mainly due to the boredom issue.He hypothesized having “lost some of [his] focus because of the huge delays”.

Bergie brought us to our feet by knocking people over, creating offensive plays and playing even more like a Bruin than is old self.

Recchi reminded us again that he knows what to do with the puck, and it surely helps to keep your head on straight. That comes with experience.539w

Looch may have sacrificed the opportunity to score 20 goals this season, thanks to a 10-minute misconduct. The call was more than a little stringent, as were a few other penalty calls during this came (can anyone say, ‘Quebecer ref’?), but Looch should have learned by now that keeping your cool comes with point rewards.

That said, maybe Thorny should have waited a second longer until Looch could retaliate for himself on the hit from behind. Thorny seemed a little overly-anxious to drop the gloves all night–overly-anxious even for Thorny.

Coach gave the boys a lil’ talkin’ to’ after the second period to whip ’em back into shape and seize control of their boyish emotions.

All in all, this win goes to the veterans tonight, which include Chara, Recchi, Bergie and the one and only Marc Savard.

Of course, Kessel may be young, but if not for his speed and energy, you might not be able to tell. His focus seemed impeccable and, as always, well beyond his years. He definitely earned his own paragraph here.


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