Playoff Magic

What role will everyone play this year in the forever-recurring B/H match-up?

Analysis by BruinsUnite

Zdeno Chara: Guardian of the Gates

To pass, you must confront the tower. On the powerplay, beware his presence before your own gates.

Marc Savard: Artist

It’s not easy to choose between artist and magician with this man, but his passes often seem to involve a sixth sense. We all know what I’m talking about. But magic aside, the grace is evident from the manner with which he finds himself in front of the net, and circling the net, and then in front of the net again, unstoppable not for size but mere foresight for positioning, movement and timing. And then comes the pass.

Phil Kessel: Hawk… Squirrel?

When I watch him skate, or don’t watch him, but suddenly see him appear, I can’t help but think of a squirrel. Squirrels are such a pleasure to watch. If you don’t believe me, try it. Watch a squirrel as it runs and listen to a tune like this.

Milan Lucic:Bulldozer

Not just a bulldozer, however. When he breaks away, it isn’t speed that gets him to the net, but a certain something resembling a magnetic force around him that forces opponents to distance themselves. I predict a 50 goal season one day.

Tim Thomas: Magician

The shots on goal may be weird and unpredictable, but he goes to impossible lengths to find a way to stop them. Take the last Habs game, for instance:

“One of them, I think the puck rolled sideways, so it’s flat on his stick when he shot it. That makes it harder to read when it’s coming off his stick,” said Thomas. “The other one, he just made kind of a funny shot. He kind of pushed it instead of taking a normal shot.”

No these weren’t excuses. He had a point:

“I was thinking to myself, ‘You’ve got to find some way to start making all the saves,’ ” Thomas said after the win. “Even if you’re having a hard time finding the puck when it’s leaving the stick, that’s no excuse. You have to make up for it with better positioning or by being a little more aggressive.”

As Coach testified a short time ago, Timmy finds a way and never gives up. That kind of fight is in the blood.


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