Game One

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I don’t know how Habs fans who watched this game can be optimistic. The Bruins fell asleep in the second and nevertheless dominated overall, thus winning the game. But I suppose Habs fans are happy to be seeing that their team is finally playing hockey again as though their hearts are in it. (I say “as though” because I don’t think the heart of most of these players is truly ‘in it’, but I’m not at liberty to share all my reasons for saying so. This is killing me, but there’s nothing I can do about it. I gave my word.)

But it’s a little too little (given a lack of ability and passion) and a little too late. Taking an entire season off, which is essentially what the Habs did this year, makes them much less worthy than other teams–much less worthy of playoff ice time. And even less deserving of playing our Bruins.

Sure every professional hockey player has some talent under the right conditions (had a good night’s sleep, in the mood to play hockey, etc.). But the victory will go to the hardest workers, the most reliable, and the most passionate, once the hard work and consistency is taken care of. This recipe for success is true both in sports and elsewhere (unless you’re born into lots of money and success means inheriting a position in office from your father; but that’s not the kind of ‘success I have in mind).

If your team plays hard and loses, the simple conclusion is that it was not the better team. How will optimistic Habs fans continue to convincingly argue that their team can take this series, or even that they can take it to 7 games? They cannot. Giving it everything they had was not enough tonight–not even in the face of a Bruins team that did not play the full 60 minutes.

Let us see what 60 minutes of BRuin can do. Saturday.


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  1. The league needs to look at that eye gouging incident by Mike Komisarek on Matt Hunwick. Komisarek can’t handle being the weakest 6-5 240 pounder in the entire NHL and resorts to cheap stuff like that (while being held safely behind a linesman I might add). The cheap, pathetic act of a Born Loser.

    The Montreal Canadiens are not Men. Period.

  2. I’m inclined to agree. What needs to happen before the league stops worrying about standard fighting, and turns its attention toward incidents like these? It’s a mystery to me. Thanks for your comment!

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