How to Ignore Neely & Watch the Game

Neely’s Locker Room Pep Talk?!

My brother goes to the TD Garden more often than I do because he has a charmed life. In any case, there is a problem. He reports being unable to watch more than about half the game because he can’t take his eyes off Neely. No, it’s not a school girl’s crush (though it’s sort of like that). It’s just that the ashes of Neely’s spectacular career aren’t anywhere near settled. He was too great a Bruin to ignore while at the Garden.

This short article is to propose that we do something about Cam Neely’s overbearing presence so that his many fans can enjoy the game. We propose one of the following:

  • Bag over his head
  • Wig and women’s clothing
  • Have him watch the games from home
  • Do something really stupid and embarrassing so that we can lose some of this tremendous respect we have for him

Does anyone have any further suggestions?


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