Before you Condemn Lucic

This goes out to all those Canadiens fans bombarding my video site with messages regarding how brilliant an idea it would be for Lucic to fight 4th liner Georges Laraque (also termed “the blob” in some circles). I challenge you to formulate one good reason for Lucic to do so. What might Lucic have to gain from it? Respect? Already earned. Bad-boy rap? Not necessary, apparently.

Do a basic, rational utility calculation: What does Lucic want that might be achieved by fighting the blob?


Before you condemn Lucic and stereotype him as the ‘tough guy’, I suggest you watch a few regular season Bruins games. What you will learn is that Looch earns his bad-boy reputation not by instigation or provocation, but via massive, crippling and yet clean hits.

He doesn’t start fights, but only finishes them.

The only memorable borderline dirty hit was on Jones, who was not hurt. Jones was, of course, responsible for putting Bergie away. So perhaps Looch didn’t work very hard to refrain from administering that hit, but it’s certainly not characteristic of him.


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