Montreal: Intellectually Repressed, Economically Depressed

Has morality and class gone down the tubes in Montreal? Ask me. I am from there.

Yes, it has, thanks for asking.

The most conspicuous thing missing in this city is class. The economic situation is hitting the whole world now, but Montreal has been destitute for so long (ever since bank of Montreal moved to Toronto–not a joke) that virtually half the city is on welfare and the other half pays about 40% of its salary to the government as income tax.

Habs Party it Up

Habs Party it Up

Sure, Montreal has some great bars and plenty of alcoholics to contribute to the night life environment, but there is a strong sense of underachievement in this city, and it serves as a plague in all areas. The Habs were one of the few things people could turn to in order to convince themselves that some things about this city are not mediocre. A people needs that as much as it needs role models. (Not a great job done by the Habs on that count, given that their history includes purse-snatching and associating with drug dealers–hearings to be held for at least 4 of the players after the playoffs are over).

So don’t count on Habs fans giving up on their team any time soon. It’s all they’ve got left, for many of them. This leads many to form irrational beliefs about the ability of the team, which are based upon a history of something better.

I feel sorry for them sometimes, but mainly, it’s hard to do, since I came out of this same city and opted to get a life. Of course, I had to leave the city in order to do it.

It’s nice to be able to speak freely on some forums, given that 3 Bruins fans were booted off (by moderator “Blind Gardien”) yesterday for saying things like (and I quote) “the Habs would probably lose to Boston even if Markov were not injured because they lost in the reg season even while he was healthy”.

A fellow Bruins fan was booted for saying this, and I was booted for pointing out that this action violated America’s right to free expression, which Quebec has a pretty long history of suppressing. Interested parties may request examples.


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