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What’s this big deal about Ryder Ridin’ Montreal?

Yeah so he played for them and he was a healthy scratch in the playoffs; yeah he suddenly started scoring and earning a high plus rating.

Why can’t the media get over it?


Because at least for now, Ryder represents everything that the Montreal Canadiens have been doing wrong. Ryder wasn’t a favorite and wasn’t given a chance, and the organization in Montreal does seem to have ‘special favorites’. Ryder’s from Newfoundland and clearly wouldn’t be fittin in famously with the rest of the roster: He’s not a foreigner, he’s not American and he’s not from Quebec, Ontario or BC. This is more than a geographical difference. He stood out. He was different. And the organization couldn’t think outside the box. So there’s a real sense in which he wasn’t treated very well, both interpersonally and in terms of professionalism. So this is a Cinderella story for the media who have been covering hockey for a while.


So why don’t the Bruins like to push the story?


2 reasons. Respect for the man, and to make sure he is not psychologically plagued by the attention. The focus is on protecting their players from such gossip, which serves only to sell papers (or data, as it were). Their focus is on bigger things that cannot be achieved while one is thinking small.

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