No Drama. Just the Facts

The only justification for making a judgment on any player is appeal to the facts.

So for anyone who said Thomas didn’t play well in G3, feel adequately embarrassed after actually considering the facts. According those, examplified by a thorough play-by-play of the entire third period, which was representative of the rest, here are the warranted conclusions.

(If you like, add a +1 to any player who made a nice play, take away 2 points for bad errors, -1 point for minor errors, add 2 points for really nice plays that led to a goal or prevented one against. You’ll find that the following is true:)

1. Wideman was a star.
2. Ward was a star.
3. Thomas was awesome.
4. Ryder played horribly.
5. Savvy did some really nice things to make up for some errors. it seems they even out.
6. Yelle & Axelsson were great.
7. Chara made some bad errors at the beginning but wasn’t horrible throughout.
8. Looch was a star.
9. Wheeler almost gave up the game & was basically absent, creating something of a 4 on 5 while on the ice.
10. Chucky did  some great things and didn’t mess up badly.
11. Montador made mistakes but I have to concede, after careful analysis, that he wasn’t all that bad.
12. Bergie played very well.
13. On yeah, and Stuart, who is often overlooked, was a Star with a capital “S”.

As for the facts, below, I don’t expect anyone to read through the entire thing, but it’s nice to actually refer to what actually happened before making claims about what actually happened.

Period 3, From the first minute to the last:

  • Chara turns over the puck. This isn’t a subjective judgment: It was really BAD. He was alone, and knew exactly where Larose was. Right next to him. No excuse for Chara to turn it over in such a leisurely way.
  • Carolina got 3 shots on net from that turnover and on one of those, Thomas stood on his head. He got every subsequent rebound from that play.
  • Chucky administers great hit on Seidenberg, who goes down. He gets back up. Then Chucky & Wideman battle both Staal & Seidenberg for the puck as Chara watches from 6 feet away.
  • Wideman kicks the puck free but Chara didn’t get to it on time. Stall takes the puck and passes to Pitkanen, who passes to Cole, who gets another shot on net.
  • Wideman gets the puck thanks to Bergie, and takes it all the way to the endboards on Cam Ward’s glove side, passes to Stuart, who passes to Krejci, straight out of the box, who has to get rid of it because he gets a hit from Seidenberg.
  • Now it’s the powerplay. Axelsson & Yelle prevent Corvo from getting the puck to the offensive zone. Yokinen gets the puck, Corvo gets it to the offensive zone; Ruutu storms in front of Thomas. Stuart makes a save and muscles the puck back to center.
  • Savvy out of the box, gets tripped in front of the net before he can take a shot, no penalty.
  • Savvy gets the puck again and passes to Looch, who takes a shot on net.
  • Puck is back at Thomas’ end and Looch fights for it along the boards. Wins the battle. Gets it to kessel, who gets to the other end but tries a self-pass against 3 Canes. Not a smart move. He could have passed to Looch, who kept up with him nicely.
  • Looch gets the puck again in the corner and passes to Stuart. Pass to Kessel, wrist shot, saved by Cam.
  • Canes back in attacking zone, and Thomas makes great pass to Recchi from behind the net. Bergie gets a shot on net from the pass. faceoff in attacking zone. No rebound but well done.
  • Back to Thomas’ end. Chara watches as Wideman wins puck battle and gets it back to the attacking zone.
  • Chucky loses opportunity for shot on net because he tries a self-pass.
  • Stuart keeps the puck in. Lost by Recchi.
  • Stuart gets it in the attacking zone again.
  • Puck comes back to Thomas’ end and Axelsson prevents a shot on net with a block / save.
  • Yelle makes a block and keeps the puck away from Timmy.
  • Back at Cam’s end, Savvy to Wideman, who makes a nice slapshot on net.
  • Big beautiful hit by Stuart on Staal.
  • Looch wins battle and gets puck to Kessel. Kessel loses it by trying another self-pass. bad idea.
  • Montador wrists it into Cam’s zone when he could have made a pass. lots of room to do that.
  • Kessel gives up the puck to Larose.
  • Stuart takes a hit and stops Larose.
  • Ward takes a hit to get the puck to Wideman, who makes a nice pass to Ryder.
  • Ryder blows and edge and falls, no trip.
  • Monty clears to attacking zone, gets puck back from Chucky, and takes a shot, deflected off a Cane stick, picked up by Chucky, who shoots it off Recchi’s leg. it goes in. Basically, It’s basically Chucky’s goal. Recchi literally never knew what hit him.
  • Good things happen when there’s a guy in front of the net.
  • Yelle, Thornton & Axelsson line: Shot on Timmy. Save.
  • Axelsson gets puck to center against 3 Canes.
  • Cleared. Wideman gets it back to Cam’s end.
  • Savvy to Looch, a bomb & save by Cam.
  • Faceoff won by Savvy.
  • Kessel to Savvy, Savvy nice pass in front of Cam but Looch was being held up by 2 Canes. Now he’s got their attention.
  • Ward & Savvy keep it in byt Kesssel gives it up.
  • Back in Timmy’s end, Looch wins battle and passes to ward, who chips it back to Cam’s end.
  • Line change. Krejci tries self-pass at center. Bad idea. Cole gets shot on net. Nice glove save by Timmy.
  • Ryder gives it up twice.
  • Stuart one-hands it off the wall looking for Wheeler. Wheeler can’t get past Samsonov.
  • Corvo shot on Timmy, save.
  • Faceoff, babchuck wristshot on Timmy. Save.
  • Chucky helps get it to cam & gets a shot but it’s tipped in the wrong direction by Recchi.
  • Chucky pass to Bergie, how’s right in front of the net. Miss. Nice pass though.
  • Bergie makes the same kind of pass after winning puck battle behind Ward. No one in front of the net.
  • Wideman to Looch, who’s stopped at center. Puck batted back & Chara gets it back to Wideman. Wideman takes a shot. Save. Faceoff.
  • Looch in front of net. Gets aggressive. Nice. Need more bad as s bad boy attitude. Seidenberg gets mad.
  • Looch keeps it in. Savvy tried to get it to Wideman but intercepted.
  • Chara gets rough to keep Cole away from Timmy.
  • Kessel intercepts a pass & tries shot on net. Intercepted.Monty keeps it in during line change.
  • Thornton keeps it in after faceoff & Chara nice hit at blue line.
  • Behind Timmy, Ward wins battle & Ryder loses puck.
  • Wheeler prevents Krejci from winning a battle. He’s just stuck to Krejci & not doing anything.
  • Ryder loses puck. Could have gotten holding penalty.
  • Back to Timmy, Timmy controls puck and prevents shot on net from Larose.
  • Chucky: Nice hit.
  • Wideman prevents shot on net, then Thomas confronts Larose who was jamming in front of the net.
  • Ward steals from Staal.
  • Neutral zone faceoff won by Savvy.
  • Looch gets puck past Seidenberg, puck goes up, he gloves it down & almost gets shot on net.
  • Then nice hit by Looch.
  • Krejci loses faceoff, Ryder passes to Wideman without interference, but the pass isn’t strong enough, and if not for Wideman, Ruutu would have gotten a beautiful shot on net.
  • Ward to Wheels along the boards, and Wheeler can’t catch the pass–there is no one around him. very strange.
  • 3 on 2, Staal in the middle, Whitney gets a deflection & miraculous save my Thomas.
  • Wheels almost gave up the game right there.
  • Wallin another shot on Timmy. save.
  • Faceoff in Timmy’s zone lost by Savvy.
  • BIG attack on timmy, Wideman intercepts, to savvy, & Savvy hoists the puck over everyone to get it out of there.

Yes, as a geek, I do things like this once in a while when I can’t get my mind off the Bruins.

Awaiting the game, patiently (not),



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