Taking the Series: A Plan

This one’s for you, boys.

1. Play like there’s nothing left to lose, as you did in 2008.

2. Administer a series of crippling blows to Carolina’s best. Legally. With everything you have.

3. Put the fear of god into them in the corners. At center ice.

4. Hit.

5. Hit.

6. Hit.

7. Cleanly.

8. Take no penalties until the game is over.

9. Make sure Wheeler’s playing like he’s a gladiator. And without fear.

10. No fancy stick work, please.

11. Bait the Canes toward Kessel, and take their men down before they reach him.

12. Keep a man in front of the net!

13. Defend that man.

14. Let Timmy stand on his head again, because he can and will. Focus on avoiding the rebounds.

15. Intercept rebounds with your body and not by attempting to clear it. Then no one will be able to benefit from them.

16. DO NOT MAKE ANY MORE SELF-PASSES. Those are the reasons why Krejci, Kessel and Ryder have been rendered completely ineffective offensively. Without all those failed self-passes, there would have been one more goal in Game 3, and you would have had the lead in Game 4. The reason why Savvy is scoring is that he’s talented in the passing department, but makes fewer self passes.


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