The One You Forgot to Thank

Analysis by BruinsUnite

These cannot be in any particular order, because the Bruins are a team par excellence. The new Boston Bruins have given birth to the new Boston Bruins, and have defined, by exemplification, what it means to be a team.

Sunday’s Thanks

Thank you, Manny, for getting the Bruins to the playoffs. You worked hard throughout the regular season, you did it in style, and you succeeded. Anyone who can forget that must not have been watching. It’s that simple.

Monday’s Thanks

Monday, we thank Chucky. Chuck Kobasew played, throughout the regular season and the playoffs, like a giant.




Tuesday, we thank Aaron Ward, for playing with the heart and soul of a Bruin, for blocking some crazy shots, for keeping the young buys in check, and for an overall awesome job.

Wednesday is Phil Kessel day. Thanks for playing while broken, giving your hear, soul and body, and for being mature beyond your years. Sometimes :)

For laughing & smiling, and


For flying.



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