Phil Kessel & The News

monkey_using_typewriter_lg_nwmNESN and other supposed sports news sources report that… well, they report that the Ottawa Sun reports that… Kessel wants 5 million and that he’s probably on his way out.

And I’m reporting that Kessel wants 10 million, because I like that fairytale. any takers?

“…asked about the report that Kessel was seeking a contract worth $5 million a year – which, by the way, would price him right out of the Bruins’ market, unless they unloaded a major salary to compensate — the 21-year-old forward chuckled.”

“No, that’s false,” he said. “I don’t know where that gets reported from. I want to be a Bruin, so we’ll see what happens.” source

This 5 mill dollar BS is all over the internet and in print.

I guess all those other ‘news sources’ that reported on the Ott Sun report assumed the Ott Sun had sources. But– read the article, people. The Ott Sun says it was just a rumor “on the boards”. source

Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s false. But that can be said about anything. I say there’s a squirrel at my door right now. I haven’t looked outside and I’ve never seens a squirrel downtown, but it could be true!

Get serious. Do a Google search for the initial rumor (Ott Sun story: June 7th; initial rumor: ?).

5 minutes of research reveals this is a circus. Our Ott Sun dude got a rumor from this mysterious discussion board and… and that’s good enough for all the other sources reporting on the story. Who’s the bigger fool?

Hard to say.

I know this isn’t the BBC media, but come on. Give us a reason to read sports news. If you’ve got nothing to report and feel a need to make stuff up, find a job in fiction.


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