Habs Fans Immediately Proclaim Chara “Intent” in Pacioretty Hit

The Montreal Canadiens’ favorite hobbies when playing the Boston Bruins include mouthing off while wearing full face visors and hiding behind referees. I would have hoped that someone would have stepped forward and fought one of our big boys: McQuaid, Chara, Lucic or Thornton. Yet no such confrontation takes place in a typical game between the two rivals. Just lots of talk. We expect this. The confidence the Habs show greatly outweighs their physical strength and courage. That courage appeared to be shattered tonight after the Pacioretty hit. The mood on the ice was extremely solemn.

No one with a conscience wanted to see Pacioretty go down in the way that he did. What we want to see is a good ol’ fashion hockey fight, but the Habs simply won’t oblige. It is perfectly acceptable to be a small team, but when a team doesn’t have the size or intention to fight, players shouldn’t be verbally calling for fights. This is a law of human nature.

The reactionism from Habs fans was absurd. Let us put things into perspective: They boo when Chara approaches the puck, they yell offensive comments, and now, they claim to know with certainty that Chara’s hit on Pacioretty was intentional. They call him a dirty player, yet I wonder if they might present us with one further example of a dirty hit from Chara. Anyone?

Chara is a humanitarian and a very big man. He is often sent the penalty box for having committed no sin other than being big. What another player will get away with, Chara will not, given the power behind his hits. Let us not forget that his elbow is naturally at the level of most players’ heads while in motion. Any movement from him carries a risk of injury to someone. What another player does unnoticed translates into penalty minutes for Chara. In this case, it might translate into a suspension.

My thoughts are with Pacioretty and his family, and they’re also with Zdeno Chara.


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