Marchand tells Habs to ‘suck it up’ (via @jessenehj)


From Black and Gold Blog, Jesse Connoly

Scott Gomez weeps along the boards after Brad Marchand lets him know he’s an overpaid clown who should suck it up. (Getty)

Author’s note: The caption above may or not be true. I’m leaning towards the latter, but it’s fun to pretend.

In pro sports, straight-shooters tend to be few and far between. Quotes are milquetoast. Honesty is scarce. Towing the company line is an absolute must.

Brad Marchand’s decision to buck that trend and share his true thoughts about the hated Habs this afternoon should make tonight’s visit to the Bell Centre all the more interesting for the Boston Bruins.

Per CSN’s Joe Haggerty:

“They threw the first punch,” said Marchand. “They stir the pot and they got what they deserve. It wasn’t our fault. They played into our hands. Whatever they’re mad about they can suck it up. It’s not our fault.”

The best part of hearing something like that come from Marchand, aside from the fact that it will only add fuel to the fiery hatred that exists between these two clubs, is just how undeniably true it is.

Following Boston’s 8-6, fight-filled victory, the Canadiens, their fans, and virtually every radio station covering the bleu, blanc et rouge cried foul. The big, bad Bruins had gone and beat up the helpless Habs.

Cry me a river.

It seems as though no matter how many times the names and faces change, whether behind the bench or on the ice, the Canadiens often-times unethical style of play has never waned. From taking dives to throwing cheap-shots, the Habs have always driven every soul with even a pinch of passion for hockey outside of Quebec mad for eons.

Then again, why change what’s working? Why cease from goading and antagonizing a team like the Bruins that seemingly falls for it every damn time?

For once, it actually didn’t on Feb. 9 at TD Garden. The Canadiens took a whoopin’ like never before and fittingly responded by incessantly whining about it.

It’s doubtful they’ll listen, but maybe they should reflect upon what Marchand said and heed his advice.


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