Montreal Cops Flooded with Complaints from People Demanding Charges Against Chara

MONTREAL – Montreal police are asking hockey-mad Canadiens fans to stop calling them to file complaints against Zdeno Chara.

Police say they have been inundated with calls from people seeking to file a criminal complaint against the Boston Bruins defenceman.

The calls demanding criminal charges began this afternoon, shortly after the NHL announced it would neither suspend nor fine Chara for a brutal hit on the Habs’ Max Pacioretty.

Police say their emergency call center started getting flooded around 4 p.m. — after the NHL announced its decision.

A spokesman says police suspect the calls were inspired by a local media outlet that suggested the idea.

The police spokesman described the gesture as irresponsible — and he urged Montrealers to keep the emergency line free for actual life-and-death matters.

He would not speculate, however, when asked whether police might actually investigate the Chara incident.

The incident not only tied up police lines but also landed in the political arena: in the House of Commons, the federal minister responsible for sport called on the NHL to act.

Pacioretty was left with a severe concussion and a cracked vertebra.


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