Brad Marchand News Updates & Opinions: Umberger Hit

Umberger went down in the second period when he caught an elbow from Marchand at center ice. No penalty was called, but supplemental discipline may be come down under Rule 48.1, which outlines an illegal check to the head as “A lateral or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principal point of contact.”




Boston Bruins’ Brad Marchand to have hearing for blindside hit on Columbus’ R.J. Umberger


According to The Boston Globe, Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand will have a hearing via conference call Thursday morning on his blindside hit to Columbus Blue Jackets left wing R.J. Umberger during Tuesday night’s 3-2 shootout victory at Nationwide Arena.

Known for being an instigator and agitator on the ice, the Bruins rookie crossed the line as he threw his right elbow into the side of Umberger’s head at the 8:21 mark of the second period, which sent him face first onto the ice.

No whistle was blown and no action was taken from the referees, which riled up the home bench.

The hit caused a turnover in favor of the Bruins and Marchand was able to get a shot on Columbus goalie Steve Mason who blocked the puck and smothered it. Blue Jackets players quickly went after the Boston forward by repetitively shoving him until the referees broke it up.

Umberger let his feelings be known after the game when talking with reporters.

From The Columbus Dispatch’s Puck-Rakers Blog:

“I haven’t seen (the hit), but I’ve heard (Marchand) might have left his feet with an elbow,” said Umberger. “That’s what it felt like…You got to think that’s one of the hits we are trying to eliminate whether it’s inadvertent or not.”There has been outrage expressed over Twitter on nothing being done about the hit, which is the exact one that the NHL is trying to eliminate.

What’s interesting is that on the NESN broadcast, commentators Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley had no reaction on the initial play, but on Columbus’ telecast, the announcers went off on Marchand right away.

Edwards defended the play on why it wasn’t an inference call while Brickley said, “it wasn’t much of a hit really.”

Apparently Marchand didn’t learn his lesson after he was benched in the third period of Friday night’s New York Islanders game and the league needs to take action by sending the right message out that these hits are uncalled for and won’t be put up with.

He is the second Bruin within the last week to be in the negative spotlight for blindside hits as captain Zdeno Chara received major scrutiny after the league decided not to suspend him for his hit on Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty on March 8.

Pacioretty was diagnosed with a severe concussion and a non-displaced fractured fourth cervical vertebrae in his neck.

Umberger didn’t sustain any injuries.


Neely1972 on TSN says:

This should be a suspension. As a Bruins fan…this was a dumb play. I don’t think he meant to target the head…but he made clear contact. 2 games.


Olsonic Creations on said:

First off, that was a terrible elbow–and Marchand should know better.

However, I wouldn’t compare Marchand’s terrible judgement to the business as usual approach of Matt Cooke.

…Marchand needs to cut the crap–I like his game plenty without the flying elbows. He is too talented to resort to this nonsense.

Yours truly on said:

One fact almost no one in the media seems to care about is the power–or lack thereof–with which Marchand hit Umberger. He could have hurt Um, but didn’t. Maybe that was an accident, maybe not. I don’t know because I don’t read minds.

Moreover, for those who would compare Marchand to Cooke, I would ask you to give me a list of all the people Marchand has hurt.


I don’t want him turning into Cooke, mainly because I hate goons and think Marchand will go far in this league (not as a goon), but anyone who thinks the two are comparable is pushing the comparison into absurdity.

Oh, and yes, suspend him. Not a problem. These kinds of hits are out of the question, even if Marchand’s particular hit was quite docile.

One more thing. If you’ve seen Marchy hit, you know that he could easily have harmed Umberger (and from behind, it’s easy to injure). But again, note that he didn’t put any power into it.

Relevance? The point is, Marchy ain’t no Cooke.



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