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The New Boston Bruins: Mirroring History

As this organization progresses, it begins to look more and more like the team that took so much pride in wearing the jersey. The Boston Bruins we’ve seen this season are alive. They come back. They do not relent. Needless to say, this is reminiscent of the Big Bad Bruins that personified greatness.


Game 7: Bruins vs Habs – The Game in 14 Minutes – Highlights & Lowlights

Team 990 in Montreal Reaches New Low on Twitter

Bitter about last night’s elimination, Montreal’s only English radio sports station, The Team 990, has reached a new low, embodying the essence of non-professionalism. This time, the fail comes from “reporter” Conor McKenna. His claim: All Bostonians are ugly. On our last attempt to view his Twitter feed, we noted it had been suddenly marked as private (“protected”), but luckily, a keen (and good-looking!) Bostonian took a screen shot before this happened. It can be seen below.

After retweeting a post from a casual Twitter user regarding the ugliness of “ppl from Boston,” he later qualified that he was not directing his claim at any particular individual–just at “everyone”–a professional fail, par excellence, but a logical one too. The class of all things does contain every individual in the class, Conor!

PK Subban Dives, Brickley & Edwards Call him Out: “It’s Embarrassing!”

Nate the Great Horton OT Goal, Handshakes & Celebrations, Game 7

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