Boston Bruins’ Seguin, Looch & Marshmont Party it Up





Posted on June 20, 2011, in Brad Marchand, Humor & Fun Stuff, Pics / Action Shots, Tyler Seguin. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Colin O'Donnell

    The best part of that night was Marshmont face down on the pavement, shirtless, with his pants around his ankles.

  2. aaawwwww….i like how Seguin and Mar. are on a platform or something shirtless and Mar. had a wine or beer bottle in his hand. I bet he hooked up with it. and Segs is like hell yeah everyone i am the man cuz i’m here drunk and only 19. so who now wants to hook up with me for the night. aww…you sweety. well come on up we got a night ahead of us first we have to open another six pack of beer and then another one…and another one….and another one…then for the next days he will be like Kaner and have a 2 day hangover. then HOW THE FUCK DO YOU LIKE ME NOW!!

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