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Boston Bruins’ Seguin, Looch & Marshmont Party it Up





Watch your Back: Here are the Biggest and Baddest Bruins of all

Watch out for… (From this post)

No, not Lucic (primarily). Yet this is what the Vancouver media has been advertising. The Canucks might be surprised to learn that Milan Lucic is no longer the greatest threat when it comes to physical play. Who to watch out for, then? Here’s my subjective list, in order of perceived toughness, taking into account recent play but not discounting a sudden resurgence of malice.

It’s not about the number of hits. It’s about momentum. And maybe some killer instinct.

Trip to Montreal Just what Doctor Ordered? Bruins Must Unite

Analysis by BruinsUnite

As Lucic remarked, “there’s only one way to overcome this 2-0 loss and that’s for the Bruins to unite”

“We’re going to have to unite as a team here, and do it together.” (Video)

But there’s another component missing here: Focus. No fan who knows this team well really doubts that they’re hungry to go further, and some are even hungry for the ultimate prize. But that goal seems so distant right now that the focus must be on the here and now: Game 3.

What keeps a Bruins from plunging into misery right now is the insight that 2 separate commentators contributed this week on The Sports Hub (98.5 Boston). They remarked that a trip to Montreal is just what the Bruins need right now and that the Bruins went into Game 1 with a little too much uninformed confidence; overconfidence makes you gutsy and sloppy. Maybe a taste of the Bell Center is just what the doctor ordered.

Obvious retort: The Bruins haven’t won a game in Montreal in a long time.
Obvious reply: This is the playoffs and an entirely different set of rules apply.

Maybe the Bruins will suddenly start playing like themselves again.

Maybe they’ll stick to short passes, realizing that long passes get intercepted (hear that, Julien?) and score another goal– recall the short-pass goal from Marchand to Bergeron in the last game.

Maybe Lucic will start playing like a professional athlete again.

Maybe Thomas will act like the Vezina winner he is, and begin to control his rebounds.

Maybe they’ll stop turning the puck over and taking unnecessary penalties.

Seguin: Here’s why the Bruins need him now.

All this doesn’t seem like much to ask, and if it’s what we get from the Bruins, this will suddenly become a 2-1 series and those numbers ain’t bad. A one win difference will calm everyone down from their current state of panic.

Bruins-Habs Factors: Chara, Marchand & Getting through the Trap

Analysis by BruinsUnite

Bruins captain Zdeno Chara was hospitalized last night for dehydration, the team announced this morning. “As of Saturday, he was being evaluated by the team’s medical staff” but Coach Claude Julien said today that he expects Chara to be in the lineup for tonight’s Game 2. (WEEI)

“Chara had five shots on goal in 25:06 of ice time in Thursday’s Game 1” and was arguably the only player apart from Brad Marchand who was psychologically present for Game 1. Chara was on his game and performed according to the usual expectations, which are quite high.

Game 1 Performances: Carey Price not a Major Factor
Brad Marchand played, well, just like Brad Marchand. He’s fast, intelligent in his decision-making, plays with the physicality of player twice his size and does his best to draw penalties. All that is enough to get the job done–in the regular season. Let’s hope the same will hold true in the post season.

In contrast with the performance of the rest of his team, Marchand was the highlight of the night for many Bruins fans.

On the D side of things, the essential components that Chara brings are sometimes overlooked in a fast-paced game in which the fans are focused on the next much-needed goal. But this analyst counted approximately 4 excellent Montreal opportunities directly shut down by Zdeno Chara Thursday. Were it not for Chara Thursday, the game could easily have ended 6 – 0. Read the rest of this entry

Marchand’s 7th Player Award: Reaction from the Dressing Room

Bruins’ forward Brad Marchand was surrounded by the media as a result of him being named the 2010-11 winner of the Seventh Player Award given to the Bruin whom fans believe have exceeded their expectations the most.

Marchand said he found out just before the game started that he was the recipient.
“It was a question mark if I was even going to be on the team this year,” said the 22-year-old. “It’s an honor to win that award, it’s special.”

Marchant said his role has evolved from one of more defensive responsibility to one that has allowed him to blend both defense and offense. He has been given plenty of chances playing on a line with Patrice Bergeron and Mark Recchi.

“I was expected to be defensively responsible and bring energy and now I think I still have to do the exact same thing but maybe bring a little more offense. They’re very offensive players, they’re both very smart and they make a lot of unbelieveable plays that you don’t see coming a lot of times. Playing with guys like that, you’re expected to produce.”

Despite the Bruins capturing the Northeast Division title with the 3-2 win over the Thrashers, Marchand said the team is just getting started.

“We didn’t come into the season wanting to win the division,” he said. “We have a goal and that’s to win the Stanley Cup. It’s a stepping stone, it’s a good accomplishment for our team but there’s a long way to go before we have accomplished our goal. It’s special but at the same time, it’s a long ways away.”

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